IGFA Great Marlin Race

The WildGuys are proud to be part of conservation through the IGFA Great Marlin Race (IGMR).

While representing South Africa in the 53rd Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament, Protea angler Wian Terblanche tagged a Blue Marlin with a satellite tag off the Big Island of Hawaii.

The fish swam 991 nm (1835 km) in just 37 days and swam from the Big Island in the direction of the Marquesas Islands.

Wian Terblanche at the official weigh-in with Miss Billfish

Wian Terblanche at the official weigh-in with Miss Billfish

The following video was put together by Stanford University:

The Blue Marlin estimated at 200lbs was tagged and released of the boat High Flier skippered by Guy Terwilliger.


Some Details and communications below:

Dear Mr. Terblanche,In 2011, through a partnership between Stanford University and the International Game Fish Association, marlin research was launched to an international level with the creation of the IGFA Great Marlin Race (IGMR). By pairing anglers like you with cutting edge science, we are beginning to understand billfish migratory behavior and making notable progress towards the responsible management of these majestic species.  What’s happened so far?
47,069 Total nautical miles (nm) recorded
See every track on our interactive globe
112 Tags deployed in billfish
See results by species and country
18 IGMR events in 12 countries
See every race – including yours!
10 Winners from deployment events
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2 Upcoming IGMR tournaments
Find dates, events, and sponsorship info
1 Place you can see it all –
the IGFA Great Marlin Race website
Thank you again for your support of this important conservation program. If you have any questions about the IGMR, please feel free to contact me or IGFA Conservation Director Jason Schratwieser. Leah Baumwell Conservation Coordinator International Game Fish AssociationPS – Did you see the Port Lincoln Times article congratulating Peter Teakle and Rolf Czabayski on their 2012-2013 IGMR finishes? See the story and photos here – and congrats again, gentlemen!
Meet Dr. Aaron CarlisleStanford UniversityWe are happy to announce that the IGFA is currently sponsoring a postdoctoral position at Stanford University and Dr. Aaron Carlisle is focusing on analyzing the growing body of data being generated by the IGMR. In doing so we not only want to see where these fish are going, but also better understand the oceanographic factors that affect their movement patterns.igmrlogo

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