Hakuna Matata – What a Wonderful Place

After reading a review on Hakuna Matata on flyloops.net myself and Pieter seized the opportunity to test this place of promise and “no worries” against our fishing skills.  We were in the area doing our skippers licenses and decided to give the place a late afternoon try.  We arrived just after 1pm to be greeted by the friendly Stella who immediately showed us the way to the rapids which was in close proximity to the main venue.

Hakuna Matata
Hakuna Matata is dubbed as a river adventure resort and boast a number of accommodation options and activities.  With our little time to explore the venue, we didn’t even look at any of these and immediately jumped into our waders to get our lines wet.  The owners live by the motto that “Excellent customer service is not an act, it’s a habit!” so we will be testing the accommodation and alternative activities (if there could ever be any alternatives to fishing) at some later stage.

We were into the fish immediately and caught a few small yellows followed by a decent 2kg fish and then all hell broke loose…

Pieter had a take and after a quick strike I saw his line cut through the water with a wake behind it.  I immediately shouted “largie, that must be a largie” The speed at which his line moved through the water and the sound it made is something I’ll never forget… Pieter soon realized that this wasn’t going to be a quick fight and after retrieving my line and securing my flies I turned to my GoPro to get some footage.  I netted the fish 12 minutes later – the result, a largemouth yellowfish of 4.2kg…






We were still reliving the memories of the largemouth when my indicator got yanked to the left.  As I set the hook the fish turned downstream and made a run that left me watching my fly-line disappear from the reel.  I became nervous when about 5 meters of backing also disappeared into the water on this first run… Luckily the fish made a 180 and I was able to retrieve all the backing and a little of the fly-line which meant I could settle into a fight.  About 8 minutes later I netted my biggest fish of the day, a 3.4kg smallmouth yellowfish.








What a fantastic day – we fished for about 4 hours between 1:30pm and 5:30pm and caught 18 yellows.  Some small, some average, a few over the 2kg mark with two of them approaching 3kg and then the two big fish.  a 4.2kg Largemouth and a 3.4kg Smallmouth.

Our club has a little Whatsapp group and after sharing the photos of the two big fish, the arrangements started immediately, some of our members even went the next day…  Hakuna Matata will definitely become a regular place to visit in our books!
Hakuna Matata 2
For more information please visit the Hakuna Matata website or contact the owners directly at stella@hmatata.co.za

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