WildGuys get Dual Sponsorship for 2016 Tops Corporate Challenge

The Tops at Spar Corporate Challenge (TCC) celebrates its fifteenth anniversary this year. This is the premier fly-fishing event in South Africa and is designed for corporates to entertain their clients or just to take a break from the pressures of everyday corporate life. The event is fun, competitive and exciting – an adventure of the highest order and also facilitates a networking platform to socialise with fellow corporates.


Established in 2001, the Corporate Trophy Challenge continues to attract and enthuse entrants from all over Southern Africa. Hosted on the exclusive Wildfly Waters in the foothills of the Drakensberg, it provides a setting and atmosphere second to none. With each team guaranteed to fish 8 of the 15 exclusive trout waters, the bias of a dam draw is also negated. Bottom line is that to a large extent you take out the highly competitive nature of the event, as every fisherman realizes that this festival has a lot more to do with than just fishing. Each team experiences a long weekend of fishing festivities that only the legendary Notties Hotel can provide.




Since the inception of this gathering, over thirteen thousand trout have been caught and released in these exclusive still waters. On the water, four colleagues challenge fellow competitors over two days. The format rewards average size and consistency of catch over the four fishing sessions. Each team earns a combined score that gives them a ranking which is carried through each session.

The top five teams from each leg stage makes it through to the illustrious final…

The WildGuys would like to thank the Growler Brewing Company & pm.ideas for the sponsorship. For the first time ever, the WildGuys will be entering three (3) teams into the tournament. All members have nicknames infamously dubbed from antics in previous tournaments:

• Wian Terblanche (First in – Last out)
• Jan Steyl (Hunky Bugger)
• Pieter van der Merwe (Old Style Hopper)
• Keith Nethercote (Speedy Loops)

Growler WildGuys
• Scott Hamilton (Wader Raider)
• Bryan Bean (Megaladon)
• Ashley Boag (Nomad)
• Quinton Heydra (Timberman)

pm.ideas WildGuys
• Edwin Bean (Footloose)
• Sean van Rooyen (Windknot)
• Andrew Strachan (Osbloed Evanesce)
• Rajendra Dhaniraj (Lone Ranger)

All teams will be fishing the third leg of the tournament which will run from 7 to 10 July 2016. If one or more teams are placed in the top 5 positions, they will be competing in the final which is scheduled from 28 to 31 July 2016.

Trout Colours

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