Kamberg Trout Festival 2016

Fishing the Kamberg Trout Festival is regarded as participating in one of South Africa’s premier Trout Fishing events.  The Kamberg Trout Festival is hosted in the awesome Kamberg Valley, where the Kamberg Community (affectionately known as the Kambergians) work together to offer their private waters to the entrants on an annual basis.

This year saw the 20th anniversary of this tournament, but the dry and warm conditions made it one of the toughest events in its 20 year history.

The WildGuys decided to enter a team after some convincing from members that fished the tournament in previous years.  The team consisting of Wian Terblanche, Pieter van der Merwe, Edwin Bean and Scott Hamilton ended up in 5th place despite drawing two dams that didn’t produce a single fish the whole tournament.

Day 1

The first session was an extream disappointment, we drew the dam Northington and upon arrival just looking at the colour of the water we realized that it was not going to be easy.  We all blanked the session and so did the dam for the rest of the tournament.

The second session was a revelation, we drew the dam Plover / Sandpiper – a dam we are very familiar with as it also features in the Tops Corporate Challenge (TCC).  The dam was well stocked and I personally caught 17 fish in this session.  Only 2 decent fish of 47 and 46 respectively among the seventeen though.  Pieter, Edwin & Scott also got some fish in this session and as a team we managed to secure 25 fish on our scorecard for day 1.  This achievement put us on top of the leader board as a team and myself on top of the individual standings.

Day 2

We had the choice between Riverside Top and Riverside Bottom for the third session.  We started at Riverside Top with a very promising dam set in a beautiful landscape, the dam was crystal clear and Edwin opened with a 41 cm specimen caught on a white death.  Fishing was a bit slow until we moved to Riverside Bottom.  While Piet was still fighting a beauty of 53 cm Scott hooked into a 48 cm specimen.  We eventually ended up with 8 fish for session 3.

Unfortunately we drew Little Kariba for the last session – another dam that didn’t produce a single fish in the tournament.

As a team we ended up in 5th place out of 40 teams – this was a great achievement considering our dam draw.  Personally I got knocked of the top spot and into second place.  a 23 cm specicemen would have kept me in the number 1 spot but it was not to be…

Top 20 Teams

Top 50 Fisherman

Top 50 Fisherman

We will definitely be back for the 21st celebrations of the Kamberg Trout Festival in 2017!

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