Fulcrum Sponsors WildGuys for The Corporate Challenge

The Tops at Spar Corporate Challenge celebrates its fourteenth anniversary this year. This is the premier fly-fishing event in South Africa and is designed for corporates to entertain their clients or just to take a break from the pressures of everyday corporate life. The event is fun, competitive and exciting – an adventure of the highest order and also facilitates a networking platform to socialise with fellow corporates.


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Drifting Elgro River Lodge

Away from the hustle and bustle of business, the Elgro River Lodge is the true African experience situated on a bend of unexpected beauty on the Vaal River, 30 km from Potchefstroom.  The Lodge has 9 beautiful self-catering riverside units, fully equipped, and with access to a swimming pool, to make your breakaway as personal and effort free as possible.

Elgro River Lodge

Elgro River Lodge

The lodge offers about 20 km of pristine fly fishing water for small and large mouth yellow fish and has been the proud host of the Bell’s Fly Fishing Festival for the past 15 years.  There are numerous glides and riffles around the lodge which can keep you entertained for days… but truly unique to Elgo is the float & fly trips where you drift 12 kilometres on an Arc inflatable to target the magical yellows this venue has on offer.

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IGFA Great Marlin Race

The WildGuys are proud to be part of conservation through the IGFA Great Marlin Race (IGMR).

While representing South Africa in the 53rd Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament, Protea angler Wian Terblanche tagged a Blue Marlin with a satellite tag off the Big Island of Hawaii.

The fish swam 991 nm (1835 km) in just 37 days and swam from the Big Island in the direction of the Marquesas Islands.

Wian Terblanche at the official weigh-in with Miss Billfish

Wian Terblanche at the official weigh-in with Miss Billfish

The following video was put together by Stanford University:

The Blue Marlin estimated at 200lbs was tagged and released of the boat High Flier skippered by Guy Terwilliger.


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Knot Tying 101

Keep these things in mind when tying your knots:

  1. Wet your knot. Before you tighten a knot, lubricate it with saliva or by dipping it in the water. This will help the knot slide and sit properly.
  2. Pull knots tight. Tighten knots with a steady, continuous pull. Make sure the knot is tight and secure.
  3. Use nippers. You want to trim the excess material after your knot as close as possible without damaging the knot.


Flies 101

The below illustrations can give you a better idea of why  flies are designed the way that they are and by looking in and on the water as well as under rocks to establish what is available as food for the fish can aid in fly selection too.

Your local fly shop is the best resource for buying the perfect flies for wherever you are fishing. The below illustrations can give you a better idea of why trout flies are designed the way that they are.

Images provided by our friends at Umpqua.

Mayfly Hatch

Mayfly Hatch

Mayfly Nymph
A) Mayfly NymphGold Ribbed Hare’s Ear
Mayfly Emerge
B) Mayfly EmergeSpot Top Emerger
Mayfly Adult
C) Mayfly AdultLoopwing Paradun

Trophy Still Water Trout

Article by: Fred Steynberg – Linecasters

South Africa has over the passed couple of decades established itself as a notable destination for catching trophy, still water trout. More and more suitable, land locked still waters are being created and stocked with trout to support the ever-growing fly fishing industry.  However, many of these still waters are not suitable for trout reproduction as they lack the qualities necessary for trout to spawn and eggs to hatch (eg. flowing water and gravel beds).  On the other hand, with careful stocking from reputable hatcheries, quality fish can easily grow in excess of 10 pounds.

Still water fly fishing for trout has often been regarded as humdrum or unexciting when compared to the stalking of trout on rivers. I believe this view can be changed if fly fishers will take a moment to understand the behaviour and feeding patterns of these still water trout. The selectiveness of large or mature fish in still waters is often underestimated and often a less successful angler may place the onus of his failure on weather conditions or the fishery.

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